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11391763_10153930230575639_2039244858852589074_nIt’s not so much that we think we’re business moguls, as that we just really like making things and once we’ve made them it’s basically one additional step to offer them to you as well. So if you want weird Northwestern merchandise, check out some of the below…

Patreon: Various cool treats are available for patrons at different tiers, including stickers, postcards, handmade Sasquatch ornaments, and less tangible delights such as outtakes, sneak previews, and our monthly off-topic podcast, The Seance. 

The Etsy Shop: This is where Devon puts some extremely nifty things, including our exclusive Lost Treasures of Washington map, her handmade cryptid ornaments, Ouija Broads postcards and valentines – plus her gorgeous hand-painted haiku prints.


The Society 6 Shop: Some of our favorites follow, although the beauty of Society6 is you can basically put any of our designs on any of the stuff they offer. If you want a combination that you can’t find, let us know.


Afterlife Advice Carry-All Pouch. We like it in the big size ($25.99) because you can see the whole image best that way. And you can fit more weird stuff in it.


Cryptids of the Pacific Northweird iPhone case. Devon made a couple dozen beautiful little cryptid images and assembled them into this one-of-a-kind design. Looks great on a phone case, also available as a notepad, carry-all pouch, stationery, tote bag, metal travel mug, art print, pillow, and just because we could, a bath mat. 


Giant Shrimp Sticker. In 1948, a woman doing her laundry in the basement of her Bremerton, WA home turned to see a five-foot-tall, floating, orange shrimp gently waving its legs and antennae at her. She fled and the shrimp was never seen again. That is, until Devon captured its enigmatic beauty in a very affordable and stylish sticker. We also offer other sticker designs, including Sasquatch, a ghost, a sea monster, and a very magical mushroom.