50: The Portland Pinball Wars

Episode 50: The Portland Pinball Wars

January 29, 2018

What do you get when you ban pinball in a town that loves gambling and has a robust organized crime community? Why, the Portland Pinball Wars, of course. Along the way we will make stops at one of the nation’s first female mayors, Chinatown’s lottery, a burlesque battle, mob-era Vegas, and young Bobby Kennedy.

Secondary topics: A storm in Portland; cornflakes; our crime names; a belated Harold Balazs hot tip.


59: Attack at Ape Canyon


APE3 (1)Episode itself here:

Liz and Devon discuss incidents when humans and sasquatch crossed paths to less than salubrious effect. The Ape Canyon attack at Mt. St. Helens’ is discussed, as well as other close encounters.

Secondary topics: Puritan Bailey; five little Yosemite Sams in a box; the Legolas-Gimli film; calculating years; lies; Bigfoot taxes; the Broads imagine their life among the sasquatches.





58: The Human Ostrich of Luna Park

In Episode 58, Devon surprises Liz with a little-known story of a Pacific Northwestern sideshow performer with a strange talent.

CW: Brief mention of suicide.

Secondary topics: Inside a turtle’s mouth; the Spokane connection; the Looff carousel; shopping for carousel horses; Charles Looff’s mustache; the Berenstain bears; EGG; close call of a close call.

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56: The Bandage Man of Cannon Beach, Oregon

In Episode 56, Devon teaches Liz the important life lessons imparted by the Bandage Man of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Secondary topics: Any John Travolta character; Slenderman; black-eyed children; The Game; the Broads attempt to puzzle out the difference between ghosts, cryptids, and urban legends; Madame LaLaurie and Colin Dickey’s Ghostland; the Contraception Fairy that we didn’t know we needed; Liz’s non-encounter with an escaped murderer.

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53: Forget it Jake. It’s Locke, California

In Episode 53, Devon takes a little trip south to Locke, California – the last Chinese settlement in the American West.

Secondary topics: Some cannabalism with your Bloomsday Run; explain Leavenworth to the peoples; us full-time Moravians; a little accidental Jeff Goldblum impression; dissing Deadwood; a call to action for listeners.

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48: The Disappearance of F. Lewis Clark

48: The Disappearance of F. Lewis Clark

January 15, 2018

Liz tells Devon about the influential Spokane millionaire who vanished into thin air. Plus, an update on Sarah “Hecla” Smith!

Secondary topics: Names that should come back; what Pretty Woman was about; psychics and ransoms; plans for 2018.



Hecla articles:

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