42: Big Damn Birds

Thunderbirds get their day in the sun in this episode! Devon tells Liz about the California condor, the Washington’s eagle, and other bigass birds that may have inspired the thunderbird. Also: pterodactyls!

Secondary topics: Giant snakes, gettin’ et; puppets; eagle roommate; the Broads yes-and themselves into a strange, strange corner; next week’s topic.

When researching Thunder Birds, remember that there are usually two different animals people are thinking of: Native American legendary birds, and the bird that some cryptozoologists think exist. This can look like a Venn diagram: there is some overlap. I am not Native American, I did not grow up with this legend, I am only doing my best to faithfully retell the legend as I have read online. Use Native American sources/resources when you’re doing your own (legend) Thunderbird research.

[Image: Scooby Doo]

Works Consulted:
California condor
Book Condor: To the Brink and Back—The Life and Times of One Giant Bird, by John Nielsen (2006)

Book: American Monsters, by Linda S. Godfrey
Book: Cryptozoology A-Z, by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark


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