39: Cursing Spokane

This one is kinda dark! Devon explains the origins and alleged effects of the curse that Jimmy Marks placed on the city of Spokane.


  • The curse was a reaction to some shitty behavior toward the Spokane Romani community, which we discuss.
  • We also briefly reference the word “gypsy” at the beginning to explain why we aren’t using it in the rest of the episode (except when mentioning the title of a documentary about Jimmy).
  • Jimmy also alleged that the sexual assault of a disabled woman was the result of a curse, and we mention it briefly.
  • We also briefly allude to Colonel Wright’s horse slaughter.

Secondary topics: Fruit of the poisonous tree; just a different kind of rock; how we’d react to curses; hex trends; internet arguments.

Oh man, I struggle with how to approach Words That Exist That Some People Can Use But I Do Not Get To Use. Not that I mind that they exist, I just never want to hurt feelings/squash toes by saying a hurtful word, even if it’s to explain why I will no longer say that word. Have thoughts on this and want to give me tips? I’m open to your suggestions! Most sources about the Marks’ family are biased, either for or against, but I tried to only report facts from credible sources, or news articles (not editorial articles.) It was an honest effort, friends. The image is from The Spokesman Review.

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