Show Notes, Episode 22: Flotsam and Jetsam

Available here:

The thumbnail image is from the Oregon Native Son newspaper, as archived by the Beeswax Project:, visible large here:


Part One: Beeswax Galleon

My main resource for the Beeswax Galleon information was the excellent Beeswax Wreck Project homepage:

Wikipedia has an entry that I used:

The intro with Loretta LeGuee and Norman comes from this Seattle Times article:

Information on the Manila trade from this Oregon Encyclopedia article:

And info on the latest sightings and their credibility from this Oregon Live page:

Part Two: Feet of the Salish Sea

This one relied heavily on Wikipedia for the feet:

And the explanation of what the Salish Sea is:

I also referenced this Washington Post article:

And this Guardian article:

I note this in the podcast itself, but the Air Nike theory, the case of Stefan Zahorujko, and the title come from

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